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No longer the 'saddest looking little girl'

So Little Lady and I had the wonderful Christmas gift from my Mum and Step dad (aka Little Lady's Nanny & Grandad), which was to see Disney on Ice.

Seeing as it was for booked for April, it was a gift put away for a few months but today was the day I got her all dressed up as Snow White as its Nanny's favourite Disney character and we popped over to the Genting Arena (and the resort world for lunch first) for what we hoped would be a fabulous day filled of what would become very precious memories.

Now, Little Lady has been prone to get rather upset in new and strange places/scenarios and also doesn't like loud noises. So I felt a little anxious on how she would cope and of course that means how I would cope. Coupled with a bad nights sleep, or rather a lack of sleep from 5am and we were running late.!

So, I packed a bag with spare pants, tights, socks and a spare dress in case of wee wee mishaps which would be through either her excitement and forgetting to say she needed one or because she is petrified of the hand dryers in toilets, which means she gets very upset and pretty much will be refusing to even go into that big bad place with noisy 'hairdryers' as she calls them. Thank you Genting Arena for not having hand dryers in the loos, which meant all was good! Mishap clothes were not needed and Mummy and Nanny thought Phew.!! I also packed ear muffs, as she doesn't like anything too loud and as I hadn't been to anything like this before, I didn't know how loud it would be.

So, ear muffs close by, the arena goes dark and its starting! The music starts and not too loud I feel and Micky and Minnie Mouse come skating out from behind the curtains.

Little lady is sat on Nanny's knee and I'm looking at her while she starts clapping and has the biggest smile on her face, she almost shakes with excitement and then....... her face changed slightly and I thought, oh wow, she's going to cry.! Not because she was scared or not liking it but because she was so happy and excited and I could see she had a moment of feeling over whelmed by her own emotions.

I looked at my daughter and all I could think about in that split second was how this child was described to me about 12 months ago, as 'the saddest looking little girl they had ever seen (by social workers)' to see her almost cry with happiness, and boom, yes that was it, Mummy started to cry and then I look at her Nanny and I knew she was next (and she did)!

I took hold of My Little Lady and put her on my knee and I truly knew my daughter was happy, she of course was oblivious to what was going on in my head and why Mummy was smothering her in kisses as all she was interested in was that Donald Duck and Goofy where now on the ice too.!

So Mummy, Nanny and Grandad continued to take pride in our little Snow White by passing her from one of our laps to another like a prize trophy, proud of how much she has changed in the short 10 months and we were all beaming with joy to see her so happy and mesmerised with all the Disney characters. A fabulous show!

A great day today and a very proud Mummy is ready for some sleep...... Easter egg hunt tomorrow, this weekend is full of 'firsts', love and excitement.. My heart just bursts with love for My Little Lady.

Happy Easter everyone.

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