Making Life Memories

One day our precious little one's will ask about their childhood and we'll have to tell them their full life story eventually.  So along the way we have the pressures of what to say as they grow older, trying to figure out what is 'age appropriate' and what to say when.  However, couple that with, if you're like me (and my mom, so I know its frustrating) having a rubbish memory means I have little memory of my own childhood! So I needed to find a way to capture our memories as they happen. 
We are advised to be careful on social media sites and I have but as I become more and more proud of My Little Lady  I  wanted a 'memory board', where I can post funny moments, snap shots of what is happening and this will help make her  life story!.
I need to go back to start of our memories which are taken from my FB posts, then I'll be up to date, I'll tweet when Memories are added so keep a look out on my twitter links.

Jan 01, 2020


Currently back logging until I'm up to date........

Apr 16, 2017

Mummy knows best!

So after two busy days going to Disney on Ice on Saturday and Wonderland Park yesterday, and although my little lady has slept well both nights, today I can see her energy levels are low, so we had lunch at 12 and I said 'come on, you need a nap today' which of course she said she didn't and she wasn't tired.! So I did the honourable thing and resorted to some slight bribery by saying 'have a sleep and you can have an Easter egg when you wake up'.  So she agreed at 12.45 and is flat out snoring away by 1.00 pm.

Disney On Ice today

Little Lady and I had the wonderful Christmas gift from my Mum and Step dad (aka Little Lady's Nanny & Grandad), which was to go to see Disney on Ice.  

So today was the day I got her all dressed up as Snow White as its Nanny's favourite Disney character and pop over the Genting Arena for a fabulous day filled of precious memories.See all the exciting details in my blog. 

Aug 22, 2016

I knew I was having it far to easy at bedtimes.....

Need it to drown out the last 20 mins of constant screaming from little lady (not such a lady though right now)... Guessing she doesn't want to sleep tonight...😁😙

Fab weather - outdoor pool

Lovely afternoon in the sun and outdoor pool with little lady 💞☀️👙  Little lady wasn't sure at first and clung on for dear life, then she managed a little bit of paddling and then back to not liking it at all.  We have to try these
(and thanks to my friend Jess for capturing the memories on camera and of course adult company)

Aug 15, 2016

Picnic in the park

Bit of a late picnic in the park with little lady after a very late (11am) lie in.

When the good days out weigh the bad ones (aka we weren't friends yesterday)... Had a lovely day today 👍❤️😳

Aug 09, 2016

On a more positive note

After a rather sick start to the week, little lady has had a few appointments and some very good and positive assessments, so much development and I'm a very happy Mummy.#

Her health ASQ gone from 110 to 25 (a good 50% under the cap) and now at right development stage 👍🎉🎈

Aug 07, 2016

My first experience of 'sick' during the night

Little lady was sick all over herself and her bed during the night, cleaned her up (sick in hair is a new experience to deal with at 1am) and an hour later she was sick again in MY bed 😟, poor little thing then couldn't sleep for hours which means Mummy had none either and the smell of sick is just vile... Lots of bedding and duvets to wash.!! And I have a headache myself now, grrrrr, lunch and sleep time it is for us.!! #grumpymummy

Aug 02, 2016

Approved to be a Mummy a year ago.!

This time last year was the eve of going to adoption panel to be approved to be a Mummy! I was approved and now have my beautiful, amazing, and very clever little lady in my life, I'm the happiest I've ever been, love her so much 💕

Jul 27, 2016

Our first weekend away together

Packing little lady's things for our first weekend away..... Off to stay in a caravan in Porthmadog.  One of my childhood memories was going to my nan and Grandads caravan just outside Aberystwyth. 

Sooo much to remember to pack, bed is covered in stuff, u'd think we were going for a 2 week break not 3 days.!! Lol I bet I still forget lots too.!!! And not even started on mine......😂

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