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My Little Lady, and I.


Hello all,


Firstly thank you for visiting our website and I hope you enjoy the blogs, the precious moments I share and just generally making memories for my little lady to see as she grows up. Mummy's online diary and my little lady's life book!

Keep viewing my pages as I'm currently setting it all up (March/April 2017).

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Single Adoptive Mummy


I've been a Mummy since the middle of 2016 and I have a beautiful little lady.

The star of the show

Little lady


Little lady is the star of the show and is now my world.

Nanny & Grandad

They adore her


Being a single adopter, my folks are pinnacle to me being able to adopt, I couldn't have done it without there support.

The Cats

Our 2 cats


Our 2 cats didn't know what hit them with what once was as a quiet house! They retreated quickly and 1 is still very unsure of Little Lady